Dada Science

So, I was talking to G earlier today, after our coaching session, and I was struck by the misheard word: ‘Dada Science’.

I was immediately struck. *Of course!* That’s *exactly* what I try to do!

It’s all about Between. The space between meaning, the difference between art.

But what exactly is Dada? Or Dadaism? As Dadaist Jean Arp is reputed to have said, ‘To be a Dadaist means to be against Dada. Dada equals anti-Dada.’

The following really speaks to me about Dada:

Cubism and the development of collage, combined with Wassily Kandinsky’s theoretical writings and abstraction, detached the movement from the constraints of reality and convention. The influence of French poets and the writings of German Expressionists liberated Dada from the tight correlation between words and meaning.

But what is ‘Dada Science’? Namespace being what it is, there are already two others with a claim to the phrase.

For me, it’s all about helping people get to that space between meaning, where their minds are just a little more open to the possibilities. I quite enjoy being put in that state. Terry Pratchett might have likened it to ‘Thlabber‘, ” a recognised scientific term used by wizards to describe the precise instant during any magical transformation where, after a period of feeling elongated, stretched, altered, or reduced to a single point in the space-time continuum, things have just returned to normal and the subject is feeling the first hints of relief and disorientation.”

Perhaps the space is not created by the stretching, but by the reaction and recovery to the stretching.

One thought on “Dada Science

  1. It sounds like a “Eureka” moment in the Western sense or to be more metaphysical and explore a more Eastern point of view it could be the zen state of awakening, Satori. The indescribable moment, satori, has been described as a moment of realization when the trees are no longer trees, and the mountains no longer mountains, then the trees are once again trees and the mountains once again mountains. From the outsider the person experience this moment appears unchanged yet the for person experiencing even a glimmer of the satori moment the world is never the same again. Things are less defined yet everything is filled with deep meaning, the act of I carrying water or gathering wood, all are now done with greater awareness. The mind is stretched beyond the point of breaking because only by going beyond knowledge can wisdom of the real world be gained.

    Just a thought 🙂

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