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Day 1, November 1-2: No Kamchatka, after all…

Some initial scattered thoughts:

After a mid-flight diversion starting in Alaska, we ended up not flying over Russian airspace. Hope it has nothing to do with Sakhalin.

For some reason, I didn`t see the Bond flick in the movie listings. Also, it`s difficult to watch things when the headphone jack only half works. But kudos to Air Canada. Food was good (we even got cup noodles as a snack!), and people were pleasant.

Finally got down to starting to really plan my part of the trip about 1/3rd of the way into our flight. i5 seems to hold a charge much better in airplane mode (esp. compared to the 3G). Looking forward to exploring neighbourhoods, especially Ikebukuro (いけふ゛くろ).

Looking forward to relaxing.

Question:Is there anythingleft unanthropomorphized in Japan? (I might not be usefully able to anthropomorphize anything…)

Things I learned on the express train from Narita to Shinjuku: I can recognize Japanes, Mandarin, and Korean independantly. (In this particular case, -ida is a giveaway for Korean, and there was a “Ni hao”.)

Japan is pleasant. North America is not. More lazily constructed functional. So many people ready to help at Narita -> train station. Trains exactly on time…like an iPhone, but everywhere.

-Nayrb 😀