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Propulsion, Conpulsion

Question: At this pace, how soon will humans colonize our system and others?

Clarke/Niven standard physics universe? Is there something past the standard model?

It might take decades or centuries… Is this enough to keep humans focused and occupied, to help prevent malthusian self-destructive behaviour? Is there enough for enough people to do? What else?

Mars like crying

So, we just watched the Curiosity Mars rover land, and what struck me the most was the way that they bounced signals during the landing off a previous mission’s orbiter…

It’s that the missions are building off each other, and we’re slowly building up a presence around Mars… That this is even possible is awesome.

(There are also a number of crazy things about all the new things, such as the mini skyhook, the all the pieces, the size of the rover, etc…)

Interestingly, this mission looked really tightly controlled, such that they learned many of their earlier lessons, or at least that this project has the true enerfy behind it.

Verklempt about Mars,

Nayrb 😀