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My favourite page on Wikipedia is the description of the ‘Lamest Edit Wars’

Wikipedia is a treasure trove of (very) dry humour about often very controversial topics. Normally, if you’re in a conversation about a controversial topic, you can step out, but not an encyclopedia, which is expected to have words on everything.

You can see the workshopping that must have gone into it. I wonder if there are ways to detect the most workshopped phrases? To detect the ‘most controversial*’ parts of Wikipedia? (Although parsing the revision history may give you this.)

“Both frequencies coexist today (Japan uses both) with no great technical reason to prefer one over the other[1] and no apparent desire for complete worldwide standardization.”

If you enjoyed the humour above, you may also enjoy (hattip to AM):

And my favourite subreddit of them all:

It is truly sublime, including such gems as:
“checking the radiator pipe cover”


*It turns out that Wikipedia has a list of these (of course it does):
This is different from controversies about Wikipedia:
There are even articles in reputable news sources written about this: And research papers:

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