Cineplex: 100 Years

This trailer, “Cineplex – 100 Years of Movies” which currently shows at the beginning of all Cineplex movies (at least, the ones I go to), always makes me tear up:

There’s something about the nostalgia, the ‘humans trying so hard, with whatever they had at the time, all sharing the dream of flying’, going from the first tentative flights, to biplanes, to the first propeller planes where it was important enough to have retractable landing gear, to the first jets, to fighter jets, to the Space Shuttle*, to some type of Interstellar-like FTL ship.

It’s the “we’ve been here, helping you tell stories all the way through this, and we’ll still be here, helping you tell stories when we reach the stars.”

Even though multiple iterations of the planes are fighter planes, there is no violence in the trailer, and it feels very hopeful.

“If we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars.”

*Probably not quite on a trajectory the Shuttle would take, but that’s reasonable dramatic license.

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