Bracer, Embrasure

The embrasure sat empty. For a split second, a figure flashed through it, then was gone. The figure crept along the parapet. The figure was dressed in a dark grey, all the better to blend in. The figure disappeared through a doorway into the tower.

A staircase. A figure climbing halfway down the staircase, then sliding off the side and climbing down the wall inside the tower. Footsteps. A light bobbing. The figure froze. The light passed. “…are the puffins doing today?” “I only saw a few of them, but they seemed to be…”

The figure crept down the corridor, placing each foot carefully. The figure moved towards a door near the end of the hallway. Electronic sounds, rustling and mechanical sounds as the figure crouches by the door. A ‘click’. The door opens. The figure waits. And waits. The figure enters the door, closing it softly behind.

A display case is illuminated in the middle of the room. A bracer is illuminated within. The figure pulls a strangely shaped item out of a satchel. The figure applies the item to the display case.

Seven beeps and a ‘click’ at the door. The figure whirls and crouches to the side. “Allo? Mais c’est quoi ca?” The new figure enters the room and reaches towards the object attached to the display case.

An explosion. A body hitting the floor. Alarms sounding. The figure darts to the display case which now has a large hole in it. The figure grabs the bracer and places it in the satchel. The figure runs to the door, pausing at it for a second, as if listening, then slips out.


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